“The office of Deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ".  Deacons are elected by the congregation from among its members; they are under the authority of the Session, and may be designated special tasks.  The office of deacon is as ancient as the Book of Acts, and as new as the love Jesus requires of His disciples, love freshly given to any and all in need.

While each of our deacons personally works to serve, we emphasize projects to involve all in the congregation who choose to help.

We minister to those in our congregation:

Shepherd Program: every member of our congregation has a Deacon who personally checks on their well being.

Monthly Meetings: we discuss the care for anyone in our congregation who may have special needs. Coordinating with our pastor, we may just check on someone or we may schedule delivery of meals, rides and other support.

We reach out to those in need, both in in our community, and throughout the world:

** Food for the local Pyle Center food bank.

** Support for local shelters.

** Presenting a Minute for Mission in worship each month. Providing opportunities for the congregation to give to local, national and international missions.  For 2022 the mission projects are:

The Board of Deacons also supports our worship by readying the elements served as we celebrate the Eucharist each month and on special Sundays.

If you are in need, or you know someone in need please contact one of our Deacons through the church office at (302) 539-3455 and leave your contact information and who you would like to speak to and your call will be returned.

The 2022 Board of Deacons are:

  • Gloria Bartholomew
  • Joni Keller
  • Charlie O'Neill
  • Mike Quinn
  • Pam Price
  • Sue Sigvardson

Members of the congregation join with other area churches participating in the annual Crop Walk sponsored by Church World Services

 Gift of Time and Talents
 Souperbowl Sunday (food collection)
 One Great Hour of Sharing
 What is Your Voice (domestic violence Center
 May  Pentecost Offering (OVPC retains 40%)
 June  La Esperanza
 July  Operation Seas the Day
 August  Pyle Center Emergency Fund
 September  Selbyville Middle School Gift Cards
 October  Peacemaking & Global Witness (OVPC retains 25%)
 November  Southern Delaware Education Foundation
 December  Joy Offering