Service is an important part of Ocean View Presbyterian's view of being part of Christ's church - To that end, our church family is very involved in local, national, and international mission.  These mission projects take various forms; face-to-face interaction with the community, participation in church-wide projects, and monetary giving.  Below are just a few examples of our outreach.

OVPC is supporting PC(USA) Mission Co-worker Rev. Dr. Karla Ann Koll, who is serving as Professor of Church History, Mission and Religion at the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) in San Jose., Costa Rica. UBL is an accredited ecumenical university that offers programs in Biblical Studies and Theology. It prepares students from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean for service in the church and their communities. Rev. Koll is helping UBL students into a deeper understanding of their faith in Christ and for working in God’s mission in ways that transform lives and communities. Karla’s work at UBL also gives her the opportunity to “help Presbyterians in the United States to be drawn to greater commitment to work in God’s mission for the fullness of life for all.” 

For more information about Rev. Koll please click here.

Costa Rica Mission Project

The Labyrinth at Ocean View

Alternative Christmas Gift Market

Rwanda Joy

OVPC Food Pantry


The Labyrinth at Ocean View is a gift from the congregation to our guests and community.  The labyrinth as a sacred symbol has been used by many cultures and religious traditions and offers deep spiritual, emotional and physical comfort to those who take advantage of this powerful yet calming experience.  To discover more and learn about how to walk a labyrinth, please click on the image below to download our brochure.


Sponsored by our Womens Circle and supported by the congregation and the community, our Sharing Pantry has proven to be a great gift to those who need a helping hand.  If you need something you are welcome to take what you need and if you find yourself able to share, we welcome you to do that as well.  Monetary gifts are also accepted - all funds collected go towards stocking the pantry.

Looking for a gift for someone who has everything?  Or maybe just a gift for someone passionate about helping others?  Our Alternative Christmas Gift Market will offer handmade cards to commemorate a donation to one of six missions chosen by our Mission Committee to receive funds from this effort.

 La Esperanza  Visit their site here
 Redemption City  Visit their site here
 Food Bank of Delaware  Visit their site here
 Habitat for Humanity  Visit their site here
 Family Promise  Visit their site here
 Rev. Karla Koll   (Costa Rica Mission Project)

Pastor Boyd Edmondson and retired teacher Susan Rizer cofounded RwandaJOY in 2016. Our mission is to raise financial support for the education, vocation, health, and welfare of youth and young adults in Rwanda. We belief that education is a means out of poverty. We have a five person board in United States and another one in Rwanda that together coordinate in this effort. This year marks our seventh year in this adventure of education together. We currently have 10 elementary students, 30 secondary students and 28 university students. We have seen 17 secondary students graduate and 27 university students. Each year more students are graduating. We have students that have gone on to graduate school through scholarships because of their success in undergraduate school. Our students have seen success in many areas of their lives.

If you would like to make a difference in the life of a young person in Rwanda you can donate to our nonprofit RwandaJOY. here.

Because many students need cell phones for school if you sponsor a student you may communicate with them. This can be rewarding for both the student and the sponsor. Pastor Boyd and Susan travel to Rwanda to see our students and the schools that they attend. RwandaJOY is a very personal nonprofit with direct contact often. All of your donation goes to the students with any administrative cost paid by volunteers.

Board of Deacons - Monthly Missons

Each year, our Board of Deacons chooses 12 mission projects and invites our congregation and community to participate by contributing whatever they can.  We hope that one or more of these projects might be something you are interested in or passionate about.  One mission is presented per month.  The current month's mission will be highlighted on our homepage.  The missions for 2024 are:


2024 Time and Talents Survey

OVPC Food Pantry

One Great Hour of Sharing (PCUSA)

 Read Aloud Delaware / Sussex County

 Pentecost (PCUSA)

 Crisis House / Pyle Center Emergency Fund

 Operation Seas the Day


 Selbyville Middle School Gift Cards

 Peace and Global Witness (PCUSA)

Women's Thank Offering

 December  Joy Offering (PCUSA)