From the time construction on the first church building began with the laying of the cornerstone in 1856, it was the intention of the congregation that the building would not be solely for use by the Presbyterians but would be available for use by the community.  In the past, our buildings have been used by other congregations for worship, service organizations, and community events of all sorts - and this is a legacy that continues today.  If you would like more information, please call the church office or send an email request to our facilities coordinator (if your email client does not open use our contact page)


Memorial Hall was dedicated in 2003 and is the largest of our buildings providing kitchen facilities and a sound system.  The hall will seat approximately 200 people.

Wi-Fi available.


The Sanctuary was built in 1906 and will accommodate approximately 140 people.  The building is fully air-conditioned and heated.  A sound system, microphones, piano, and Allen Organ (dedicated in 1989) are provided.  (Please note that special permission is required to use the organ.)

Wi-Fi available.

View or download our current brochure and rental agreement.  Please note that rental terms/prices are subject to change.


Facilities Brochure

Rental Agreement


Fellowship Center is the original hall built at the rear of the sanctuary and will accommodate 85 - 100 people depending on the configuration of the room.  This hall has a kitchen counter available for limited food preparation and serving.

Wi-Fi available.